Drunken cop goes on rampage in back seat of squad car

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FORT WORTH, TX – It’s time for a game of good cop, bad cop. We’ll start with an example of good cops, in Portland, Oregon.

The police department has teamed up with local social workers to identify people with mental illness. Kind of like a mobile crisis unit. It’s just too bad the Fort Worth Police Department hasn’t started an anger management mobile unit, because the former Saginaw police officer in the back seat of a cop car could’ve certainly used the help.

Andrew Peterson was arrested by Fort Worth Police for public intoxication, back in January. The guy was trying to kick out the cruiser’s windows, screaming and cursing at the other officers, which is how he earned our title of the ‘bad cop’.

Hind sight may be 20/20, but we’re pretty sure from where Peterson’s standing nothing is clear about his behavior that night.

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