Laura Bush wants out of gay marriage ad campaign

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DALLAS, TX – Who knew former first lady Laura Bush goes both ways? Apparently she does when the subject is same-sex marriages.

Or maybe she just gives lip service to her belief that committed same-sex couples should have the same rights under the law.

Because, that was what she told CNN’s Larry King back in May of 2010.

Laura Bush, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney, big-name republicans closely associated with the two Presidents-Bush, found themselves in this new, $1 million ad campaign put out by the respect for marriage coalition.

The ad uses previously aired clips from Powell and Cheney; and a Laura Bush clip from the Larry King interview.

Bush isn’t backing away from that statement, but she is not happy about being used by the coalition.

A spokesperson for the former first lady told the Dallas Morning News that Bush didn’t know about the video in advance, and has asked to be removed.

The folks at the respect for marriage coalition thought they had a good thing going with the ad, saying LGBT advocacy groups across the country have come together to buy national air time for the ad.

Laura Bush may support same-sex marriages, but apparently now is not the time for her and gays to come together over this issue.

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