Monster snow storm pounds Midwest

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TEHAMA, CA – It’s snowing! It’s February, what did you expect? But this monster storm that’s affected nearly half of the continental US has a few tricks up its sleeve. Take, for instance, an unlikely tornado in California. The twister damaged a barn, but luckily no one was hurt.

The storm could drop up to 20 inches of snow, so it’s no surprise that officials are urging caution until it clears. Too bad these people didn’t get that memo. Snow and icy conditions are to blame in an eight-vehicle pile-up along a California freeway.

And that’s not the only weather-related trouble. On the other side of the globe, an Australian weather man blacks out on live television during a ride in a stunt plane. Ten seconds later, he joined the waking world.

Back here on solid ground in Houston, we got a little rain but nothing that compares to what these guys are going through. Just one more reason to love H-Town!

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