Pastor caught carrying more than the Holy Spirit

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MIDDLESBORO, KY – There’s a church scandal in Middlesboro, Kentucky, but it’s not what you’re thinking.

Pastor Gregory Coots was driving through Tennessee when he got pulled over. Coots was carrying more than the holy spirit; he had snakes in his car.

Snake handling at worship is pretty popular in Tennessee. Pastor Andrew Hamblin still does it. But it’s not the law of God that’s coming down on Hamblin and Coots. It’s the Tennessee law. It is illegal to be in possession of any poisonous snakes. So having the rattlesnakes and copperheads in church probably isn’t a good idea.

Both Pastor Coots and Hamblin were taken to court. They’re facing charges of transporting illegal reptiles.

Whatever comes out of this, the drama is great for TV. Oh and wouldn’t you know, there was a TV crew from National Geographic filming the whole thing for a reality show.

Hey, where there`s a scandal, there`s money to be made!

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