Teen masters piano with only 6 fingers

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OGDEN, UT – Meet Landon Weeks. Playing the piano is his passion despite the fact he only has six fingers.

His mother, Lynette Weeks says, “Basically it’s Phocomelia, short arms and three fingers on each hand.”

Most people have difficulty tickling the ivories with all ten digits, but not Landon.

“It just comes to me I guess cause when I started playing it I fell in love and it just got easier,” says Landon.

Unfortunately many teachers were hesitant about teaching a child with a disability.

“But we did find a teacher that herself used to be a concert pianist,’ says Ms. Weeks. ‘She became paralyzed in one arm and she was only able to use two fingers on her other arm.  She said if she could play with two fingers she could teach Landon to play with three.”

And she did!

Landon dazzles and inspires his audiences, especially children.

His mom says, ‘They can’t believe what they’re hearing and seeing. Landon tells them just to follow their dreams and not give up.”

This young man has figured out life is what you make of it, and the sky’s the limit.

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