What did you eat for lunch today?

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I’m sure some of are thinking about what’s going on in Europe. The horse meat scandal is growing. Traces of Mr. Ed have been found in food from a number of suppliers, it has British shoppers buying less meat!

Imagine if the scandal happened here –imagine how freaked out we would get.  But before you get sick at the thought of having horse for dinner, here’s a thought: we put a lot worse things in our bodies than Secretariat.

Some of the things we eat gives me the chills!

Did you hear about that chemical (BVO) in Gatorade that’s also a flame retardant? It was taken out recently.

Google margarine and plastic — it’s not good!

And it’s a good thing the future of the Twinkie is in doubt. A popular book called “Twinkie Deconstructed” gives us time to think about how the treat includes the same kind of glue found in an envelope AND an ingredient found in rocket fuel.

So, before the world goes crazy with this scandal, we should realize the real scandal. How the phrase “you are what you eat” feels like we’ve had a steady diet of, ignorance!

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