CPS officials investigating abandoned baby case

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s hard to imagine why a mother would abandon her newborn. But in the case of baby Chloe, there is hope for a happy ending.

Officials with the Harris County Child Protective Services are looking for any information leading to who baby Chloe belonged to.

Estella Olguin with Harris Co. CPS said, “We don’t have any leads. We don’t know who the parents might be. No one has come forward to identify the baby.”

The little girl was found Tuesday at the Stone Gate Apartments in Cypress. A resident says her dog led her to a plastic bag. Inside was baby Chloe. The resident called 911, and the baby was taken to Texas Children’s hospital. Amazingly, baby Chloe was healthy. Medical officials think she was born just two hours before she was found.

The hope now is that relatives will come forward and baby Chloe can go home with them.

Olgiun said, “If nobody comes forward, no relatives are identified or parents, then we will be terminating the rights on unknown parents and the baby will be placed for adoption.”

There’s not much time. CPS officials are going to court Monday, March 4 to present information on potential adoptive families.

There is a silver lining. Baby Chloe has a good chance at a good life.

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