Dad faces child abuse charges for 9-year-old son’s music video

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BROCKTON, MA – 9-year-old Lil Poopy, from Brockton, MA, spends his days holding stacks of cash and smacking booties – if his music videos are to be believed.

Lil Poopy’s antics have gotten his dad into deep doo-doo.

Lil Poopy’s father, Luie Rivera Jr., is under investigation by Brockton police for child abuse and neglect.

Rivera claims he isn’t doing anything wrong. Lil Poopy is just singing hooks and isn’t hurting anyone.

Lil Poopy brings in over $7,000 for concert appearances. The money will likely come in handy for the lawyers that Lil Poopy’s dad will be hiring.


  • Clay Wisner (@claymonster)

    We don’t get all up in parents’ faces for exploiting their kids who go sing happy, Christian songs all over YouTube when they’re this age and younger – sometimes I wonder if those kids are just “acting” as well. It would be interesting to hear a non-coached interview with the kid to see if he realizes he’s acting to earn bux (are snarky kid stars on TV any less exploited/abused?) or if he really thinks he’s a gangster. Of course, when you’ve got a “stage mom” (or dad, in this case) – you’ll never get an non-coached response. If Honey Boo Boo’s mom isn’t guilty of child abuse, then neither is this guy.

  • Phill_nTheBlank

    (originally posted this on Ky's FB post)
    All peripheral genres aside… this deserves to be investigated at the least, if nothing is found unlawful then let it be; although "exploitation" of children for entertainment is legal, their exposure to sexual behavior is not. We as a civilized society recognize that exposure to 'adult' behavior damages the development of children and we care for everyone's children; we have statutory laws, movie & videogame ratings, and trade organizations have regulations & procedures when children are participants in sensitive material. The actions in adult popular culture & hip-hop (in this case not capitalized, thank KRS-One for upholding the capitalized genre) music videos mimic sexual behavior; a male standing behind a gyrating female, his genital area aligned with hers, repeatedly slapping her backside is a prime example, we all know what doggy-style looks like, look at the thumbnail of this post. We also have precedent of inappropriate behavior by parental figures in this particular industry,
    P's out! I know haters are gonna hate.
    "Hip-hop, a way of life; it doesn't tell you how to raise a child or treat a wife" -Q-Tip
    "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." -Whitney Houston"

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