Internet access now available in North Korea, for non-North Koreans

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Big news! North Korea has marched straight into the Twentieth century.

Yeah, Li’l Kim and the Beastly Boys have announced that as of now, visitors to North Korea will be able to tweet, Skype and surf the net with their smart phones and other mobile devices.

3G for mobile Internet service will be available next month, or so they say. But the whole wide world through the World Wide Web is only available to non-North Koreans visiting or working in the country.

And that makes sense. After all, why should the regular North Korean have internet access when they don’t have access to stuff like, oh, say, food or freedom?

Not like those wild and crazy guys in South Korea who don’t need hi-tech to have some high times.

But, seriously, we’re not making fun of North Korea. After all, they can launch rockets and set off nuclear bombs.

And we have it on good authority that pretty soon, they’ll have color TV, for everyone, not just for foreigners.

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