Kid calls 911 to complain about bedtime

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BROCKTON, MA – People call 911 for just about anything. We told you about that drunk woman in Granbury, Texas arrested for calling and asking, “I need some cigarettes.”

And we’ll never forget Antoinette Jones in Altadena, California who called complaining a fast food owner wouldn’t sell her a taco.

Now comes news out of Brockton, Massachusetts that a fourth grader called 911 ’cause he didn’t want to listen to his mom and go to bed.

“He got really mad at me and said, ‘You’re mean. I’m gonna call the cops,'” said mom Shamayne Rosario. “And I said, ‘Go ahead. Call the cops.'”

Well, guess what?? The cops showed up to teach 10-year-old Dan a lesson.

“My son was of course under the covers,” said his mom, “not wanting to show his face. I asked him to sit up and pay attention to authority.”

Good idea! So all you fools out there that don’t know what 9-1-1 is for, sit up and pay attention: THE ONLY TIME YOU SHOULD CALL 911 IS WHEN YOU HAVE A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY.

…Not a nicotine fit, taco troubles or a battle over bedtime.  Save all that for someone who cares, because if you’re tying up the line, someone with a “real” emergency could end up dead.

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