Pope gets a new title and new lifestyle

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THE VATICAN – So, what do you do when you’re no longer Christ’s vicar on earth? Well, you have a lot of free time to get used to your new title and new lifestyle.

The Vatican says Benedict XVI will continue to be Benedict the EX VEE EYE, not just Benny. Or you can call him ‘pope emeritus’ if that’s easier on the tongue. He won’t be wearing the papal garments, or those fancy red slippers, trading those in for some brown Mexican loafers, as in shoes.

The Pope’s retirement is a big deal. How big? Well, it’s so big that even Houston’s Dean & Rog got caught up in the spirit that moved them to pen ‘Bye, Bye Pope’:

‘There goes Pope Benedict/He up and quit/He won’t miss poping/One little bit/Us’ly they stay on/Until they croak/But now we’re waiting/for puffs of smoke.’

For sure, he’ll have to find a new ride, because the pope mobile is for, well, the Pope.

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