Was Toby Keith drunk at RodeoHouston?

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tobyHOUSTON, TX – Hold on to your hat, cowboy, because during the last 24 hours the Rodeo has been a windy Western.

Organizers said the high winds only caused minor damage to fences along the entrance to the carnival; though, technical crews made sure all attractions are OK.  So, not much clean up.  But it looks like some of you think Toby Keith needs to “clean up” his act.

Reviews of his show Monday night at Reliant Stadium weren’t good and the “twitter-verse” had fans thinking Keith had “one” too many.

Toby Keith’s manager didn’t comment on this, but apparently his fans didn’t care, they loved the concert. He sang “I should’ve been a cowboy”, but luckily he wasn’t taming a wild horse.

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  • ernestophd

    Have ONE VOTE FOR DRUNK…from my wife's friend who saw the show. C'mon folks all you dRUNK spotters and barkeeps with expert DRUNK symptom spotting…WASSUP?

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