Working from home no longer an option at Yahoo

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SUNNYVALE, CA – The Urban Dictionary defines biofacing as face to face communication, without smart phones and computers.

That’s what the new boss at Yahoo wants her employees to do more of. Or else.

Marissa Mayer was pregnant when she took the job as Yahoo’s chief executive officer, but she returned to work two weeks after giving birth. And that’s the example she apparently wants yahoo employees to follow.

The tech blog ‘All ThingsD’ claims it got a hold of a memo from Yahoo’s human resources director that put the kibosh on working from home.

The memo said work gets done best when people work side-by-side, and that’s why everyone is expected to be in their offices each day.

Yahoo seems out of step with the times, though, since more than nine percent of workers telecommuted in 2010, compared to seven percent in 1997.

But there may be a method to this apparent madness, according to Alyson Shontell of Business Insider.  ‘Some of them didn’t even realize their colleagues still worked for Yahoo! – they were coming in so infrequently or not at all.”

Wow! Talk about some yahoos.

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