Rodeo Food Challenge: Who will devour a 2-foot sausage on a stick

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HOUSTON, TX – The rodeo for many is all about the competition. Of course there’s mutton busting and bull riding; but this year there’s a new challenge in the food court…a 2-foot sausage on a stick.

Rodney Roth, President of Holmes Smokehouse explains: “This sausage here is at least 2 feet long and it weighs in at close to 2 lbs. and if somebody can eat this in one sitting, we’ll give them a coupon for a free sausage.”

Holmes Smokehouse has set the challenge, waiting to see how many takers can say they’ve beat it (no pun intended…or was it?). Several challengers managed to shame the sausage, but it is a daunting task.

All kidding aside, this isn’t just any sausage, it has pedigree. It was voted the best tasting sausage at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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