District 6 special runoff election day

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It`s election day!!!! Ok how many of you knew it.

Well here`s a little rhyme in case you just blew it.

There once was a man, a senator in town. Mario Gallegos did a good job of holding his office down.

One day the man died, and for district six an election must be held a new leader must be picked.

His name they did try, but could not delete.  And somehow, someway he won back his seat.

A special election was called, and for sure would be great, but the number of candidates was a total of 8.

Yet two took the lead and came out from the shadow. Now a special runoff for Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado.

Everyone is excited an end will come near. How the winner will perform is to be seen through the years.

So we will exclaim as we roll out of site. Happy special runoff election to all and to all a good night.