Harlem Shake: On planes and at the rodeo

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WORLD – The ‘Harlem Shake’ usually starts with one person dancing and then others jump in. Strange costumes are often involved.

Now the FAA is looking into the trend, because ‘shakes on planes’ seems to be the new thing.

One particular video is sparking some concern.  It shows a number of passengers dancing in the isle mid-flight on a Frontier Airlines plane from Denver to San Diego.

Members of Colorado College’s ultimate Frisbee team got the number started. The FAA wants to know whether the plane was on its final decent and if the passengers should have been buckled up.

Frontier Airlines says “the seat belt sign was off.”

“Is it fun? Maybe. Is it cute? Maybe. Is it good judgment. NO!” said Jim Tillmon, a former airline pilot.

At least no one’s questioning the judgment of another YouTube version of the dance, which shows folks at Rodeo Houston getting down. That ought to shake up some good PR for the show!