National day of unplugging

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Alright… so how many of you watching right now are surfing on your tablet or phone with NewsFix on in the background?  Did I catch ya? Well today, why don’t you go ahead and put that tablet or phone away and participate in something for once!  “Why?” you ask?  Because today is the National Day of Unplugging; 24 hours that started at sundown on Friday and ends at Sundown on Saturday; it’s an outgrowth of the “Sabbath Manifesto”, an adaption of our ancestors’ ritual of carving out one day per week to unwind, relax, reflect, connect with loved ones and….un. plug.

Around town, in this sprawling metropolis, who is actually brave enough to partake in today’s activities, leave the phone at home and take in what the day has to offer?

It’s not easy to unplug, we definitely know that… but that’s the point!!  think back before the days of cell phones and tablets; the simple life.  The reward is the freedom and the experience of living your life unhinged; but just for a day…. C’mon, you can do it!!