Students showcase work at Science and Engineering Fair

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HOUSTON, TX – Cool as a scientist. That could be the new slogan for our times. It’s a “brainiest” at the George R. Brown Convention Center for the 54th Annual Science and Engineering Fair. Over 900 teenagers from Harris and other 22 counties brought their projects and expectations. Competition categories include behavioral and biological sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences, computer science, engineering and mathematics.

“Some of these kids have projects that they’ve created in their garage by themselves all the way up to working in a University laboratory”, explained Mark Smith, Director of the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston.

Projects are judged by local scientists, physicists and engineers volunteering their time. More than $60,000 in college scholarships will be awarded.  Some kids are sure this is their chance to score big time.

“For us this is probably like the (soccer) World Cup,’ said Djilali, from the Al-Hadi School of Accelerated Learning. ‘You play once every four years, and you really want to win it. It means something to you”.

The University of Houston has joined forces with the fair this year, hoping to encourage and attract students interested in science, engineering, technology and mathematics. Great job, young Einsteins!  No go ahead and conquer the word. Who told you that science is boring?

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