Class Acts: Irene Vasquez

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“I don’t even know what college I want to go to. I know I want to write.”

You’ll have to forgive Irene Vasquez for not coming up with a college game plan, but she’s only an eighth grader.

That’s not stopping her from becoming our class act of the week.

“I think what makes her a class act is she literally just does well at everything she puts her mind to”, said Julie Duong, English teacher at St. John’s School.

“She desires to be a leader and I know that’s one of her career goals in the future”, said Michelle Li, Science teacher at St. John’s school.

Vasquez is already showing those skills by being the president of student council. She also is plays soccer, runs cross country, performs in plays, and is wiz at quiz bowl.

What is being a contestant on Jeopardy?

That’s the answer for Vasquez as she was one of youngest competitors ever featured on Teen Jeopardy.

“I think it was really cool since she was the youngest contestant in her episode. I think she’s just made for a show like that”, Li said.

“I just like knowing information. Knowledge is power,” said Vasquez.

Even though she was contestant, she rarely catches the show.

“It always comes on while I’m at school because I’m in the library the majority of the time and here until about 5:30, and so it comes on at 4:00 and I can never see it, “ said Vasquez.

Vasquez is making the most of her time as she chases her dream of being a writer. She is currently in the independent study program where she is writing a series of short stories.

“You wonder how it all happens because she’s a kid and you wonder if she has time to be silly and enjoy time with her friends but I know for a fact that she does so it’s even more amazing to me”, Duong said.

“I’d love to become a writer one day. I love books. I will read anything basically,” said Vasquez.

You kind of get the feeling that we will be the ones reading about her one day.

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