Big East Breakup: What does this mean for UH?

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HOUSTON, TX – University of Houston big-wigs must be wondering if it was something they said.

The Cougars bolted from Conference USA, the only college athletics conference to have them after the Southwest Conference broke up, and ended up in the Big East conference, which may not be around much longer.

The presidents of the Big East universities are meeting this week-end as the seven Catholic schools in the conference are apparently thinking about pulling out, starting their own conference and keeping the Big East name for themselves.

If that happens, the Cougars and some other C-USA schools will find themselves in a conference with no name.

So we went to UH to see if the students there had any suggestions.

Bethel Glumac  told us, “I think since it’s more of like a belt shape, it’s kind of like a ‘U’, extending from Texas to all the way up there to the East Coast, I think it should be the Southern Belt.”

When UH broke ground for its new football stadium, little did they know that they may have been digging their own conference grave.

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