Court rules Baby Chloe will stay with foster parents

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HOUSTON, TX – A bit of good news for Baby Chloe, the abandoned child who was found wrapped in a plastic bag outside of a Cypress, Texas apartment complex last week.

A Harris County court ruled that Baby Chloe will stay with her foster parents. Finally, a place she can call home, at least for now.

It goes without saying that the hearing was not contested, since no family members have stepped up to bat. Baby Chloe will have a follow-up hearing later this month.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the so-called “parents” who abandoned the little girl. Despite calls coming in, even some from out of state, the search has turned up empty handed.

While the leads haven’t panned out, there is a glimmer of hope. At just a week old, Baby Chloe has a bottom tooth. It’s a so rare, it’s only seen in one out of 2000 births. And get this: it’s a genetic trait. That means the search has narrowed considerably.

Couple that with the artist renditions of the parents that were released last week. Hopefully, Baby Chloe will get some answers soon.

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