Florida home over sinkhole demolished

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SEFFNER, FL – The demolition continues, as we get a better look at the bizarre Seffner, Florida sinkhole.

36-year-old Jeff Bush was swallowed by a 20-foot wide by 50-feet deep sinkhole while he was sleeping last week. Despite his brother trying in vain to save him, the worst has come to light: crews have stopped rescue efforts. Bush remains buried somewhere in the massive sinkhole, which at this point looks like will be his final resting place.

The house next door has also been condemned as the sinkhole expands.

While the family deals with their loss, demolition crews try to salvage what they can.

“We believe they’ve been very pleased with all the valuables we’ve been able to recover for them,” said Mike Merrill, Hillsborough County Administrator.

It may come a surprise that sinkholes aren’t uncommon in Florida. That’s thanks to the bedrock that the state sits upon, which is being eaten away by acidic groundwater.

Though we bet no amount of scientific explanation can make this family feel better.

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