Heinz ketchup truck crashes, turns road red

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USA – Just when you thought it was safe to drive on the roads, we bring you Crash Mash 2013.

Let’s start in Houston. A family in North West Harris County got a rude awakening overnight.

“My kids were in the living room watching TV. My grand-baby was in there as well. Then all of a sudden they heard a noise, and it sounded like a drive by,” said Sarah Cervantes, homeowner.

That noise? The sound of truck crashing into her house! Harris county deputies say a truck was speeding through a curve in the road when it lost control.

Deputies say the three guys inside the car then jumped out and hoofed it. Get this: the homeowner says the guys threw beer bottles as they were running. Even better? She says one of the guys is her neighbor.

Luckily, no one was hurt. And believe it or not, no one was hurt in this Waterloo, Iowa crash either.

Slick conditions are to blame after an 18-wheeler crashed along a freeway and caught fire. The driver tried to extinguish the flames and take what he could before he jumped to safety.

The truck soon followed, as the cab and the first two trailers dangled over the side. Crews tried to pull the truck back up, but decided it was safer to just let the truck fall.

Reno, Nevada drivers were also seeing red, but not because of a fire. No, this time, the crimson hue came from tomatoes.

One big rig driver got saucy when he lost is load of Heinz ketchup.

Police say it looks like the truck over-corrected when it swerved to miss another car. It hit the median, and knocked over a light pole, which sliced the side of the trailer open, causing ketchup to spill all over the road.

Yea, the only thing they need is a truck full of French fries.


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