Paramedics’ packing pistols a new possibility

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AUSTIN, TX – You won’t see it anywhere near Houston, but in sparse parts of the state it could happen.

Republican Representative Ken King from Canadian (yep that’s a town in Texas), is pushing a bill that would allow paramedics to pack heat.

The bill is intended for counties with less than 50,000 residents, where it may take longer for law enforcement to arrive on a scene and secure it.

Is that a smart move?

Oliver Hawkins, of Houston, would be OK with it, “I think for self-defense, it’s a good idea because if they have to wait for cops to show up then someone might die.”

Casey Campbell is more cautious with the idea saying, “If the police force is overburdened it may be a good supplement, but they have a primary job which is getting there, securing the person that`s been injured or harmed and not as a defense force.”

While Stephen Price thinks there should be a choice for the paramedics, “I support it as long as it should be up to the paramedics themselves or up to the counties because often times in rural situations paramedics would be the first responders and if there`s a dangerous scene, I think paramedics should be able to protect themselves.”

Some paramedics have a different view.

Jennifer Gonzales of Metro Ambulance in Schertz, TX said, “we’re dealing with our bags, our equipment, our stretchers, cardiac monitors. We’re moving so quick, we wouldn’t be able to hold that gun.”

But being the 4th largest city in the nation, we don’t have to worry about that, just be careful when driving through Canadian.

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