Retirement home nurse refuses to give CPR, woman dies

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BAKERSFIELD, CA – Think retirement homes are just a place for old folks to die? Think again friends!

Emergencies do happen though, and that’s when family members can be grateful their elders are in a place that can give proper, life-saving care.

A nurse at the Glenwood Gardens Independent Living Facility, in Bakersfield, California however, put policy before her humanity. She left 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless unconscious and barely breathing on the dining room floor as 911 dispatcher, Tracey Halvorson, begged for the nurse to perform CPR before EMS crews arrived.

The 911 call is worth the listen, as the nurse fights with Dispatcher Halvorson over the facilities No-CPR policy for the residents. A little more than seven minutes after the 911 call was made Bayless was taken to a local hospital where she died.

Apparently, since the facility has the ‘MC Hammer Policy’ in place (Can’t touch this) and staff followed that protocol, the facility’s not liable or re-liable for that matter.

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  • roeslec90

    This is terrible! I can understand not wanting to be liable for anything like that, but to refuse to help save someones life if you have the ability to is ridiculous! Wow

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