Students develop business skills at JA BizTown

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HOUSTON, TX – Running a city, a corporation or a small business is not kid stuff. Or is it? 120 fifth-graders from Lockhart Elementary had a taste of what their parents have to deal with on a daily basis before they come home exhausted and full of complaints. But luckily, it seems like these children enjoyed the challenge at the JA BizTown.

With volunteers who took the day off from their actual jobs, Junior Achievement and ExxonMobil helped these kids develop a sense of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, work proficiency and how to make sure the city streets are not a total mess.

“This experience of JA BizTown will bring about 18,000 fifth-graders from throughout the Houston region to come in and actually run this city for the day,” explained Rick Franke, President of Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas.

“And is a chance for them to experience what finance and economics look like in the real world,” added Brian Keffer, Chair of the Service Committee for ExxonMobil.

CEO, CFO, IRS inspector and Mayor for one day; what an exciting experience for these students. And best of all, they still don’t have to pay taxes.

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