Workers flush thousands of gallons of whisky down drain

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DUMBARTON, SCOTLAND – Boy, when those Scotts say “down the hatch”… they aren’t kidding!

Employees at the Chivas Brothers plant in Scotland are toast, after workers accidentally flushed thousands of gallons of scotch whisky down the drain. The massive spill sent scotch steaming through Scotland’s sewer system, severely saddening fans of the Scottish spirit.

The large liquor loss happened in the wee hours of the morn’ as the night shift (while washing out the vats) were supposed to discharge the dirty water from the tanks, but drained the distilled alcoholic beverage instead. About 4,750 gallons of whisky was wasted, with a grand total of $750,000 dollars of scotch sent down the sink.

It wasn’t until sewage workers noticed the intense smell of scotch in the sewers, hours after the spill that the Chivas plant was made aware of their mix-up. The washed away whisky made its way to a water treatment plant. It’s not yet known if sheer volume of scotch will have an adverse impact on that facility, but it’s not like it doesn’t end up there eventually.

Like the old saying goes; you don’t buy booze… you just rent it.

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