7-year-old suspended for turning Pop-Tart into gun

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BALTIMORE, MD – It’s frightening anytime the words gun and school appear together, but this next story is more strange than scary. A second grader gets suspended from school, after chewing his breakfast pastry into the form of a pistol.

7-year-old Josh Welch, a student at Baltimore’s Park Elementary School, suffers from ADHD and has a hard time with academics. But when it comes to art class, the super creative josh excels. Now school officials are saying Josh’s imagination went a little too far, when the 2nd grader gnawed at the pop tart he was eating at school for breakfast until the snack was shaped like a gun.

Officials say this sweet situation turned sour, when Josh allegedly threatened other students by pointing his strawberry flavored pop tart gun and saying “bang, bang.”

Josh doesn’t remember it that way.

The school stands behind the punishment which they tried to justify in a letter to parents saying: “One of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures.” The creative 2nd grader is sorry he missed school but would be happy to just get his pop tart back.

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  • Jen

    None of this is true! My kid is in this school and this little boy is in trouble almost every single day. In fact he went into the classroom and started acting like he was shooting the kids. He is known as a bully as are his brothers in the neighborhood. Today he comes back to school and the classroom had to be evacuated because he started pushing over desks, kicking and throwing things. Now he thinks it is ok to act out because everyone he has been portrayed as an innocent victim. Why hasn’t anyone interviewed the other kids in his class or the neighbors? My kid is afraid of him, and has been since he moved in the area. And their Dad is a thief. It’s public record.

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