Arian foster announces he’s done with Twitter

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ARIANHOUSTON, TX – It’s time to say goodbye to one of our favorites. Arian Foster, the venerable Texan’s running back is leaving Twitter.

All you fans who enjoyed tweeting with the star and pretending you were actually friends, will have to find someone else to stalk or talk to online.

“I think that’s messed up,’ Texans fan Joseph Myles says. ‘I think he ought to interact with his fans, cause we pay big money to go see him.”

Foster announced he’s leaving the social media site for good, not siting any particular reasons, though it’s no secret he’s had trouble with his social media exploits in the past, tweeting this image of his injured hamstring in 2011 that caused a kerfuffle amongst fans and fantasy-leaguers.

The good news is, he did answer one all-important question for the masses: when you decide to leave Twitter, how do you let all your followers know? Well, you send out a tweet, of course.

“Stars and football players, they ought to respond to their fans because we’re a big part of them getting paid,” Myles explains

So far he’s been good to his word, signing off the Twitter-sphere and remaining silent.

But don’t worry, he’ll be back. They always come back.