Former hand surgeon Michael Brown back in court

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HOUSTON, TX – Former well known hand surgeon Michael Brown in jail and in court, dealing with issues over child support.

“It has to do with division of property, and then the custody would be a separate issue,” said Brown’s attorney, Robert Hantman.

His bond is set at $500,000. After his crummy past couple of years, we bet the former doc wishes he could hop into one of those cars and go back in time.

Back before his divorce, and before being accused of beating his then-wife, Rachel Brown. He was acquitted by the way.

And no, we’re not done. He’d probably like to go back in time, before that recent flight from London-to-Miami. He’s accused of choking a flight attendant while also threatening to take his clothes off.

Browns future now? Likely coming up with money to make bond.

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