Lawsuits pending against Lance Armstrong

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AUSTIN, TX – Disgraced cycling star Lance Armstrong may have been looking for some kind of acceptance after admitting to Oprah that he used drugs to win seven Tour de France titles, but probably not in the form of an insurance company.

As it turns out, Acceptance Insurance finds Armstrong’s cheating and years of lying un-acceptable. They paid him a few million dollars-worth of bonuses for his race wins, and now they want their money back.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Since the Oprah interview, SCA Promotions, a sports-insurance firm, has also filed a suit, hoping to recoup some cash. All this could lead to Armstrong needing to testify, and that could expose him to potential criminal charges.

Just add it to the list of reasons why it stinks to be Lance Armstrong right now. Note to self:  lying and cheating definitely doesn’t pan-out well in the long run.