NFL Wannabe Female Kicker Failed Women

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She tried to kick through the glass ceiling, but Lauren Silberman should be kicking herself after her NFL tryout.

28-year-old Silberman, an ex-club soccer player, was the first woman to try out for the league. She signed up for the New York/New Jersey regional scouting combine and gave it her best kicks, but came up way too short.

She made two poor kickoff attempts and aggravated a quadriceps injury she says she first suffered in training during the week leading up to the tryout.

Now some are wondering if all of this was one big publicity stunt. Silberman was one of 37 kickers who paid $275 to try out. And there were easily as many reporters and photogs there to cover her every move.

She was supposed to make history for women but I feel as though she made a mockery out of female athletes. There are women, even high school girls who can actually kick and had a better shot of making the cut. But boy did Silberman make headlines and attract the attention of women too, which make up 40% of the NFL’s fans.

At the end of the day her dream was “incomplete”. Hey but, as one sports reporter pointed out, she probably got more time on a Jersey football field than Tim Tebow.

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