Owner says dog was poisoned at Westminster Dog Show

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NEW YORK, NY – A dog owner is searching for answers after her 3-year-old Samoyed died just days after competing in the Westminster Dog Show.

Lynette Blue said her vet told her the purebred possibly died after ingesting rat poison, and she thinks someone, like an animal’s rights activist, may have intentionally poisoned her dog.

Blue said her dog Cruz was at the show with his handler, when a woman called him cruel because the dog had a procedure to quiet his bark.

Something the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals frowns upon.

“We think that definitely all cosmetic surgeries on dogs for dog shows should be outlawed,” said PETA spokesperson Lisa Lange. But PETA also said that any hint at their involvement in Cruz’s death is outrageous.

Westminster Kennel Club officials said they have never known of any other dogs being poisoned at the show.

But back in 1865 the New York Times reported that a jealous person poisoned eight dogs the morning before the show.

The truth may never be known, because Blue declined a necropsy.