10-year-old staying positive after undergoing 42 surgeries

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SAVANNAH, GA – What would your attitude be like if you underwent 42 surgeries and had to have your leg amputated?

Brianna Quarterman is just 10-years-old, and she’s not letting what happened get her down, “I like smiling because it attracts people. I like to say nice things to people.”

The little girl from Savannah, Georgia was in a major car accident last fall. Her mom Tamika says throughout her recovery, Brianna was more concerned about the other kids at the hospital.

Tamika said, “They had her talking to other children. They had her seeing other children. I’m shocked. She helped me hang on all that time at the hospital.”

Although Brianna is back home, her road to recovery is far from over. But she knows the work will be worth it.

“If I keep walking, when I have my prosthetic it’ll be easier. And if I sit my little hinny in that wheel chair all the time, I can’t walk.”

Brianna has one more surgery at the end of March, but she’s optimistic.

“I’ve had 42 surgeries. And I’ve made it though all of them.”

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