Girl Scouts ban Honey Boo Boo from selling cookies onFacebook

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honeyMCINTYRE, GA – There’s a new cookie monster in town. Who is it? That depends on how you look at it.

Honey Boo Boo is doing what any girl would do in her position of fame. Hocking as many cookies as she can via her Facebook page. Can you blame her? She doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who settles for the participation patch. And with around 700,000 “Likes,” she could have been well on her way. That is, until the Girl Scouts of the USA stepped in.

The organization has banned Honey Boo Boo from selling the cookies on her Facebook page because, they say, it gives the child star an unfair advantage.

Now Honey Boo Boo will have to do-si-do door-to-door just like a regular girl scout. Hey, getting that extra cardio wouldn’t hurt; that girl needs Samoa exercise. Maybe the little shortbread could become a “Thin Mint” in no time!

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