Married man fakes transcript to play HS basketball

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MEMPHIS, TN – They get away with it in the movies, but in real life, older guys aren’t supposed to go back to school to play high school sports.

Just add it to the list of reasons why a high school basketball team in Memphis is crying foul.

A 22-year-old married man falsified documents so he could play on the team. When the State found out the reported former gang member was suiting-up, they disqualified the whole team.

But it’s hardly the worst thing that’s happened to the Ridgeway H.S. squad this season. A few weeks ago, a bunch of players got the boot for fighting and a week after that, their coach was found dead. He was killed in his home.

Memphis city schools are still investigating that illegal player bit. But one thing’s for sure – no one’s playing games there for now.

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