No one notices dead man until he stopped paying rent

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MUNICH, GERMANY – If you’ve been dead for three years, but you still keep paying rent, ya think it’s about time you reconsider the terms of your lease?

A man was found dead sitting in a chair, fully dressed, in a cellar in Munich. For over 3 years, nobody noticed the guy missing. Not even the landlord: the rent was religiously debited from his bank account, until his savings were gone.

The man was 79-years-old at the time of his death. The autopsy showed he died of natural causes or loneliness perhaps. But here’s a hint: right next to him police found a newspaper dated March 17, 2009. Saint Patty’s day! Maybe too much beer, too much partying… you know where this is going.

When the rent payment suddenly stopped, neighbors went to the cellar to make sure everything was OK. Oh, such a caring bunch. Clearly, things were not OK.

Police are still waiting for any relative of the man to come forward, so far with no luck and there’s a good chance this poor guy will spend another three years sitting in a morgue. But now you know: if you’re about to die and need someone to care: yell fire.

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