How Young is Too Young? Mom Takes 9-yr-old Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

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When you think of Victoria’s Secret, you think of lace and sexy models, not little girls. So how young is too young for racy lingerie? A mother is under fire for taking her 9-year-old daughter shopping at Victoria Secret.

It all started when Jenny Erickson wrote a blog post on Café Mom’s The Saying her daughter is getting to that awkward age where she doesn’t want cartoons on her undies anymore. To which she responds on her blog, “I’m going to have to figure out where we’re going to purchase them. It’ll probably be Victoria’s Secret — and I have no problem with that.”

That parenting decision is getting mixed reviews. On twitter on mom wrote “You do realize your daughter is 9?” To which Erickson replied, “I missed the rule where kids have to wear ugly things only.”

The tween market is definitely something Victoria’s Secret is trying to tap into with their Pink line. But this little girl isn’t even a tween. She’s 9. There are stores that are age appropriate for girls in that developmental age. Take ‘Justice’ for instance. I’ve been in there with my niece and they have plenty of cute panties.

I feel as though kids are growing up too fast and parents are allowing them to experience things at a young age. Growing up into a beautiful, sexy woman is a natural progression and rite of passage. Not something you need to expose little girls to.

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