Veronica Mars’ fans start Kickstarter project

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Everyone loves a cult classic movie or TV show.

TV fans of the show ‘Veronica Mars’ are working together to bring it back to life.

‘Veronica Mars’ was a TV show that originally aired in 2004. It starred Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, a high school and college student who moonlights as a private investigator.

The show’s final seasons aired on the CW before it was cancelled in 2007. But leave it to hardcore fans to rally together. The website is a funding platform for creative projects. They help fund projects like games, films, music and more. That`s when fans got the idea to create ‘The Veronica Mars Movie Project.’ They want the shelved show turned into a film. And get this, $2 million are needed to fund the film, but in just 48 hours more than $3 million was raised.

The more money you donate, or ‘backers’ as they call it, the more access to the movie you get. It’s a pretty cool concept that could change the way the industry makes TV and films.

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  • Andrew

    Please do some research, or at least read the kickstarter page. The fans did not start this kick starter. The creator of the show did along with Kristen Bell the title Actress of the show. Fans only pledged.

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