19-year-old caught peeping in men’s bathroom

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HOUSTON, TX – People of faith believe Jesus is always watching, but according to Harris County prosecutors, Jesus Salazar was the one doing all the watching in a men’s gas station bathroom.

Harris County Sheriffs say Salazar wasn’t peeing in a Hockley gas station bathroom, but rather peeping on the guys who were. When a man spotted Jesus recording his live stream with his cell phone through a hole in one of the stalls, the unwilling-participant shook it off and flagged down a sheriff.

Officials say Salazar, “…was questioned and he voluntarily provided his cell phone and showed deputies 11 videos of several men urinating in this bathroom.”

Talk about rolling on through urination station! Jesus will get his day in court soon.

Hey, community bathrooms behind bars might not be such a bad thing for the kid.