No Texas teams make NCAA tournament

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texasHOUSTON, TX – If you’re a Texan and you paid attention to this year’s NCAA tournament bids. You may have had one of those you have got to be kidding me moments.

Where’s our Longhorns, Baylor Bears, Texas A&M Aggies, Red Raiders or Cougars.

No respect for the Lumberjacks, Stephen F. Austin the Southland regular-season champion.

Baylor Bears made two NCAA regional finals appearances within the last three seasons.

Even Prairie View A&M and Texas-Arlington made it to their tourney championship games. Couldn’t punch their ticket to the dance.

Our glorious state of Texas holds the record at 23 for the most schools to have appeared in the tournament.

Yet they will play the 2nd and 3rd round games at the University of Texas in Austin along with the south regional final at Cowboys stadium without giving Texas teams so much as a chance for home court advantage. You’ve got to be kidding me.