Tone Loc latest celebrity to collapse from seizure

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DES MOINES, IA – Another performer ends up in the hospital after collapsing from possible seizures.

Rapper Tone Loc collapsed during a concert Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa. He didn’t finish the show and went to the hospital instead to be treated for what was believed to have been a seizure.

He also collapsed in 1995 during a Los Angeles Lakers game, and he had a seizure and collapsed during a 2009 concert in Florida.

Lil Wayne remains in intensive care at a Los Angeles hospital after what may have been a seizure, or a ‘sizzurp binge’, or whatever. If he did have a seizure, it wasn’t his first. Meantime, rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated,

Rumors he, or someone with access to his Twitter account, tried to put down in a tweet that said he was good.

And Kelly Osbourne is out and about after a seizure sent her to the hospital. She collapsed on the set of E’s ‘Fashion Police’ on March 7.

She tweeted from the hospital that doctors were treating her for a seizure.

These celebrities don’t attribute their seizures to epilepsy, but more than two million Americans have the condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 150,000 new cases every year, and the CDC says that one out of every ten people have had a seizure of some kind.

With seizures hitting the hip and the hip-hop worlds, a condition that`s been kept in the closet may finally be shedding its bum rap.