SWAT standoff ends with 17-year-old shot

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JACINTO CITY, TX – SWAT standoffs are generally pretty bad news. Sure enough, one ended in violence Thursday morning.

A 17-year-old suspect allegedly exchanged gunfire with Jacinto City police before being shot in the leg and taken into custody after midnight.

It all started around 6 Wednesday evening. Two Jacinto City police officers went to question Edgar Omar Cuellar about shots fired in the neighborhood the day before.  But instead of talking with the cops, Cuellar allegedly shot Sgt. Jennifer Simpson-Castenada and Lt. Dennis Walker. Thus began the six hour standoff.

Cops finally entered the house around midnight. At that point, more shots were fired. But this time, only Cuellar was hit. Cuellar and the officers he allegedly wounded are expected to be okay.