Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes retire at the ripe old age of 70

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AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND – It might be called the worlds oldest profession, but it’s about time these two grizzled old gals decided to heave-ho.

70-year-old twin prostitutes, Louise and Martine Fokkens are finally hanging up their stockings; retiring after 50 long years of being on call.

Believed to be Amsterdam’s oldest hookers, clocking-in with a half-a-century of service in the city’s infamous Red Light District, these busy beavers claim to have copulated with about 355,000 men between’em. But age is taking it’s toll on the twin tramps, admitting that their arthritis has made it harder for them to turn tricks.

Not that work is drying up for these two prostitutes who are past their prime, the pair starred in their very own documentary, called “Meet the Fokkens” of course! And the good time grannies have also penned a book, “The Ladies of Amsterdam”, also guaranteed to be filled with good Fokkens stories!

So we bid farewell to these ladies of the night…the late, late night. We wish them a happy retirement and hope they spend the rest of their days taking it easy and laying on their backs. But then again, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing most of their lives.

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