City employees told to bring their own toilet paper to work

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WINDSOR, MO – If you think the mandatory federal budget cuts, lovingly known as sequestration, are pretty crappy, well, you don’t know crappy.

At least not like the male employees of Windsor, MO, crossroads of the Katy and Rock Island trails, self-described small town with a big heart, population 2,893, where pretty girls are queens and football players are not.

But there’s an issue catching fire in Windsor. You might call it a ’tissue issue’, and it`s an emotional issue, at that.

The issue hit the fan after a woman went to the podium to ask the Board of Aldermen if she could do some fundraising, because the men in public works were told to bring their own TP to cut down on expenses.

Alderman apparently didn’t know about this and asked the city manager who men use more toilet paper than women.

The tissue issue appears to be over, and Windsor officials are happy to wash their hands of this problem.

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