John Kerry makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Hillary Clinton racked up her frequent flyer miles when she was Secretary of State. Now it looks like John Kerry is following, or shall we say, flying in her footsteps.

Kerry was in Iraq over the weekend, trying to urge the country’s leaders to stop Iranian planes from delivering arms to Syria’s government.

Iraq wasn’t his only stop. Kerry kicked off his week with a surprise stop in Afghanistan. He wants to smooth over relations with President Hamid Karzai who recently accused the U.S. of conspiring with the Taliban. The two held a meeting early in the afternoon.

It’s also probably no coincidence that Kerry’s stop coincided with the U.S. handing over the only prison that was still under American control, the Bagram Prison. That had been a huge strain between Afghanistan and the U.S. The prison has now been re-named the Afghan National Detention Facility at Parwan.

In two countries famished by war, we’re sure there’s still a lot of uncertainty from all angles. But one thing we’re certain of, Hillary Clinton is probably glad to be out of the hot seat.

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