Still no permanent home for Baby Chloe

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HOUSTON, TX – Representatives of child protective services were in a Houston court to talk with a judge about whether to keep her in a foster home or to let the adoption process start.

Last month, a woman walking her dog discovered a baby wrapped in a plastic bag outside an apartment in the 11000 block of Cypress. Doctors say she was a few hours old when the woman found her.

CPS gave her the name Chloe.

Since then, no one has stepped up to claim her or to help authorities identify her mother or any relative.

CPS even had a sketch artist come up with drawings of what her parents may look like, hoping the drawings would make the phones ring. The only calls were from people wanting to adopt her.

Take another look at the sketches. If one of them looks familiar, or if you remember something that might help, give child protective services a call.

Baby Chloe deserves your help.

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