Win $100,000 for building a better condom

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SEATTLE, WA – Bill Gates changed the way we use personal computers in the 70’s. Now he’s looking to reinvent something else, but this one isn’t very PC. The billionaire wants somebody to create a better condom, and he’s ready to back up his challenge with cold hard cash.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a nonprofit that tackles global health issues, is offering up a cool $100,000 for the next generation condom.  One that feels better than, well… wearing nothing at all. But what’s the bad rap, about rubbers?

You see, although our modern condoms might come in different colors, sizes and yeah, even tastes… many poorer people in other parts of the world are just not buying them.

The result, unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STD’s are still a major threat in these third world nations. A better prophylactic would entice people in emerging markets, hopefully capping off any further hardships.

The Gates Foundation funded a similar study last year to find a better toilet, correlating in a solar powered commode being commissioned by the billionaire. A new designed toilet that will greatly improve sanitation in poorer nations.

Gates is hoping that his quest to find a better condom will have a positive impact around the world. That’s great he’s putting up the money for it, just as long as he doesn’t get to name the new contraception. A condom called Microsoft would only result in limp sales.

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