What to do with the Astrodome? Reddit has answers

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HOUSTON, TX – Admit it; your heart may be saying keep it, turn it into something, anything! But your gut is likely telling you it’s a rotting piece of yesteryear that’s got to come down.

Well, as the county and the people with the rodeo try to figure out what to do with the Astrodome; we found a little suggestion on Reddit that has people talking. We mean a lot of people; we can’t stop getting emails about this.

“I stripped away as much as I possibly could leaving just the steel structure, just structural members as well as the dome itself,” says Ryan Slattery.

domeSlattery is a U of H Graduate student in Architecture, and he has an idea of how to re-purpose the dome buy just using its skeleton as a home for a park. It’s kind of like the backbone that keeps this place up.

“When we’re cognizant of how we build, and we’re cognizant of how the city is shaped; that’s when we become a greener, healthier, more aware city.”

Slattery wants to take this to the powers that be of course, they (Harris County, Texans and the Rodeo) will want to know how much this would cost. He hasn’t figured that out yet.

Uh, Ryan, dude, get your numbers straight because this sure looks better than a parking lot and all of you longtime Houstonian’s could accept this. A monument to our “Eighth Wonder” it’s kind of like the Eiffel tower… Texas style!