Fitness trailers available for Shell Houston Open golfers

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HOUSTON, TX – Spring is here and you know what that means: the Shell Houston Open is back in town. And as easy as it may seem spending an afternoon playing golf, winning big bucks and heading to the clubhouse for an aperitif, it’s a game not without its injuries.

But there’s an answer for that: the Visionworks fitness trailers just outside the clubhouse.

“Some of these guys will have an injury that will occur during or before a round and they’ll come in and get worked on,’ physical trainer Corey Hug explains. ‘Some may get seen all week between the physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers next door in the other trailer.”

The trailers are open and free for the golfers on the tour, taking care of anything from muscle-pulls and sprains to simple stretches and workouts before hitting the course.

“This lifestyle takes a toll on your body,’ golfer Scott Gardiner says. ‘We’re on airplanes in bad posture consistently and we’ve got to come in here and reverse that.”

“These guys play six days a week,’ says athletic trainer, Kent Biggerstaff. ‘Practice day they’re still playing, pro-am day they play, then they play a four-day tournament, travel on Monday then turn around and do it again, and often times they play for five hours and hit balls for two or three, so the overuse problems really start to come into play.”

So while they may not be getting checked into the glass like hockey players, an afternoon at the open is still a demanding sport. And while the trainers and therapists here can fix most pains golfers bring in, there isn’t much they can do if your wife chases you down with a golf club.

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